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Just Do It

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“Just Do It,” campaigns countless Nike billboards, t shirts, and magazine ads bombarding us every day around every corner. Although i’m not usually a champion of trite ad slogans, I must say this particular one promotes activism that I support. “Just do it.” Brief, blunt and to the point, this catchphrase invites consumers to seize opportunities, take action, and if unsure whether or not to buy the grossly overpriced pair of windbreaker running shorts: just do it! Wonderful encouragement Nike, though one as indecisive and averse to ambiguity as myself might ask: “And what, exactly is “it”??

It has become more and more evident to me that “it” is not as important as the “do”. The subject not as important as the verb. Because without the verb, the subject is worthless. The first step towards getting what we want, is taking “it” in stride. Emptying our minds, perhaps, of unrealistic expectations and undirected, aimless desire, and just doing something right now that gets us motivated and moving. I think many of us (myself included) look at unclear goals as an excuse for un-inspired living. That shouldn’t be the case. Goals do not simply materialize in our minds out of nowhere; they are the product of trial, error, exploration, spontaneity, intentionality, open mindedness, and above all else, a mentality to wring every bit of potential from every situation. To just do it- whatever it may be at that particular moment. Talking about doing something without a will or plan to actually do it is useless. Not only that, but hanging on to a goal that you do not work at to attain prevents you from forming other goals that you actually will. Take action, then talk. Look for ways you can take chances and discover your calling- or the job, hobby, person, place that will center your future goals. And once those goals are established and realized, take Nike’s silly slogan into action.